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Freelance WordPress Developer UK - Scott MacQuoid
You've reached the right place, if you're just starting a blog, building a company's website, or an agency looking to outsource a freelance WordPress developer in UK, I've created different plans for you that can be modified according to your project's specific needs.

Besides developing a bespoke WordPress website for you or your business, my packages include some of the most important features that helps making your website outstand on search engines and increase conversions.

Check out my price plans below and tell me more about your project.

WordPress Page Speed Optimisation

WordPress Developer UK Performance
Having a fast loading WordPress website doesn't just make your visitors have a good experience, it also increases the chance for their revisit, increase conversion rates, & helps you rank higher on search engines.

As important Page Speed is, it has been one of the main feature of all my WordPress development packages to ensure having a high loading page speed according to Google's standards.

WordPress Developer Cordell Performance

Websites that loads in less than 2 seconds have a  probability of bounce increases by 90%

But why have a website developed with WordPress?

WordPress has become the powering system of more than 34% of all websites on the internet according to a recent study by Kinsta. it is a fully featured content management system (CMS) with unlimited possibilities, with hundreds of thousands of WordPress Developers worldwide, and more than 5,000 intermediate to expert freelance WordPress developers in the UK alone, which you can check out their client's reviews through Trustpilot, this makes WordPress easy to modify by different developers if of course the website is well documented.
WordPress Developer UK - WordPress Features
WordPress is a free open-source content management system available for dowload to everyone worldwide, you can decide to build it using a free theme or a premium one, or use an expert freelance WordPress developer to build you a custom theme or a website using a page building like Oxygen Builder to have a bespoke website.

Check out my post on why use Oxygen Builder for WordPress Development 

WordPress Marketshare

Marketshare - 34% All Websites

34% of all websites on the internet is powered by WordPress including E-Commerce, Blogs, Business, Lead Generation Websites.
60% of all websites using a CMS is powered by WordPress as it is the most extendable feature-rich CMS available.
SEO Optimisation


WordPress must be the most SEO Ready CMS available online with a wide range of free and premium plugins that is very efficient with on-page search engine optimization like Yoast, Rank Math, & All In One SEO.
Making it easier than ever for you.
WP Themes & Plugins

Themes & Plugins

With a large community of WordPress Developers, there are thousands of Free WordPress Themes available as well as Premium WordPress Themes & plugins that helps you enhance your website's features & functionality.
Check out my free WP theme
MultiLingual Support

Multilingual Support

Working with international markets? targeting groups in a different language with your blog? WordPress makes it very easy to translate your content without messing up your website design & creating the right headers for search engines.

Looking for WordPress Hosting?

Siteground is one of the major hosting providers available on the market with an amazing customer support. Check out their hosting plans from here
Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

Everything dies out if not evolved, this is why WordPress has become one of the sharks in the market with the frequent updates to enhance security and increase the functionality to give you better experience specially when it comes to integration with other services like Zapier

So, You've decided to have a WordPress website, now what?

Congratulations, you've made the right choice, now as we have stated earlier, the are a few options to consider before starting working on the website.

Freelance WordPress Developer, Agency, or Yourself?

Yes, it is fairly easy to build your own website without any coding experience if you are looking for a simple website without much functionality, or you can hire a freelance WordPress developer in UK, or a WordPress development agency. 
But what is the difference?

1. Develop a WordPress website Yourself
You can start developing your website using many free themes available on WordPress Website, or find a free theme offered by different WordPress Developers & Agencies as gifts to their visitors, you can find mine here.

You can also purchase a premium more appealing WordPress theme from different marketplaces like Themeforest for an example.

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel as I will start posting videos on how to install and use different Free & Premium WordPress themes

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2. Hire a Freelance WordPress Developer.
Here is where things take a more professional and creative turn, having a bespoke, unique, & outstanding website that sets you ahead of your competition is crucial in today's world, no matter what you do, your visitors will always want the best experience browsing your website.

It is less expensive than hiring an agency, faster & often you get a free technical support after project completion

WordPress Developer UK Project Process

Have a project to discuss?

Why hire me as your Freelance WordPress Developer?

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Having a website developed is great, but having it done quickly without affecting the quality is better.
Risk Free

Risk Free

Now with my Risk Free plans, pay only 25% and rest after project completion.
Didn't like the work? Get a full refund.
PageSpeed Expert

PageSpeed Guaranteed

As explained above, PageSpeed is very important for search engines when it comes to ranking vs competition.


Want the website to have both Left-to-Right and Right-to-left layouts? No problem, I've created websites for Arabic and Hebrew audiences
Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

Get a website design that sets you ahead of competition, applying the latest UX standards & trending UI design concepts
Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support

So your website is now live, what's next? You get 3 months of free technical support for the work done as well as free consultation for SEO.

Want to hire me as your Freelance WordPress Developer?

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