Looking for a complete Oxygen Builder Tutorials?

in this course, I will take your from basic Oxygen Builder installment process to building Woocommerce, LearnDash and membership driven websites, Subscribe now to my Youtube channel to be updated whenever a new lesson is published from my Oxygen Builder Tutorials.

Content of the course:

1. Oxygen Builder Plugin install
2. Useful plugins
3. preparing your content for Oxygen Builder
4. Header & Footer
5. Reusable Parts
6. Grouping Elements
7. Homepage + 10 inner pages
8. Templating
9. Custom Post Types
10. Advanced Custom Fields
11. Gutenberg Integration
12. Client usage for Gutenberg Integration
13. WooCommerce integration
14. custom Product, shop, category, cart, & Checkout Pages
15. LearnDash with Oxygen
16. Oxygen Troubleshooting
17. Advanced Animation & Effects
18. Contact Form 7 integration
19. How to style any plugin when used with Oxygen
20. Migration

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Building WordPress Websites using Oxygen Builder - 3 Projects ( Part 1 )
Building WordPress Websites using Oxygen Builder - 3 Projects ( Part 2 ) Header & Footer
July 14th, 2021

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