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Web Designer Wordpress Developer PageSpeed Expert - Scott MacQuoid

Web Design

Creating an attractive website isn't just about the looks, but also about the audience cultural background.
I build websites that speaks to your audience while maintaining the functionality, speed, and responsiveness.
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Web Developer Wordpress Developer PageSpeed Expert

Web Development

I build clean code, well documented web applications that are completely bespoke to my clients and also very fast according to Google's standards to ensure the best user experience and increase your ROI by keeping it
smooth, clean, and fast. 
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Mobile App Developer & PageSpeed Expert

Web-View Mobile Apps

I develop web view mobile apps that help you become more engaging with your audience through push notifications to keep them up-to-date with your latest information, news, offers and discounts.
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WordPress Maintenance & PageSpeed Expert

Web Maintenance

I offer a wide range of maintenance plans to keep your website secured, up-to-date and well maintained with constant checkups and analysis of your content and debugging for any error, and also I offer technical support plans.
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WordPress SEO & PageSpeed Expert

Page Speed Optimization

I optimize websites no matter if 
they are static or CMS based like WordPress to achiece very fast loading speed  2s or less according 
to Google's standards and score above 90 on both Mobile and Desktop PageSpeed Inights tests
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Error & Bug Fixing PageSpeed Expert

Error & Bug Hunting

I under the frustration that you may have if one day you find an error or a bug that messed up your website or god forbid took your website down.
You don't have to worry any more, I have an emergency service to come and fix any error or bug in minutes.
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Web Hosting

Hosting your website isn't just about finding an affordable hosting company, but also about securing your server, and having 1-on-1 technical support. I provide web hosting packages to take care of the server administration hassle for you
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