Website Costs in UK: Definitive Guide (2019)

If you're thinking of having a website for your business, this is the most definitive guide you will ever need to know about the website costs in UK.

To have a website up and running, you will need 3 main things.

1. Domain Name:

A domain name is like your physical address if someone asks you where he can get a pizza? And you tell him Domino’s Pizza, the logical next question is “Where is it?”.

The domain name works with the same concept, it is the address where people can view your website, it is like telling the taxi driver to take you to Big Ben for an example, you don’t need to be bothered with all routes and shortcuts to the amazing landmark, you just say “Take me to the Big Ben” and he will take you there.

When you open your browser and type in my domain name, the browser is acting like your taxi driver, it looks up where is it located and take you to the correct directory inside the correct server and bring you back the website content to view.

You can have a website without having a domain name, but it will be extremely hard for your clients to find you, it is similar to people using the longitude and latitude of places instead of their names like if you want to see a football match in Manchester and I tell you to go to 53.4631° N, 2.2913° W instead of just saying go to Old Trafford Stadium.

How should I choose a domain name?

As simple as this may sound, but it actually harder than you think, nowadays there are tons of domain names already registered worldwide, and you might find many that matches your desired name, you will always have a better chance looking for a country TLD domain like or .us instead of .com but also using a variation of the name or abbreviation could actually be better for your business. For example, the domain name for American Kennel Club is

A domain name is certainly the first thing to add in your website costs in UK calculations. The price for a domain name varies depending on the TLD used but most providers offer the domain names with the .com TLD around £7 - £15 per year

You can check if you're domain name is available now by clicking here

2. Web Server (Web Hosting):

Website Costs in UK Web Hosting

Now, you’ve got the domain name where people can find you with, now we come to the part of where is the domain name going to point to, as said before, domain names are the address of your web server, so it is very important to have a web server (or web hosting) set up to host your website files.

Imagine you’re a chef, and you have a restaurant (your domain name), and now it is time to serve your delicious meals (website content and files), what do you need? You need a plate to put the food in and serve the customers. This is similar to what a web server does, it is a remote computer that is managed by a dedicated company that contains your website files, emails, etc. and have them put together for your clients to view them when they reach it through the domain name.

There are different types of web servers to choose from, but it always depends on what kind of content you will be hosting and how your visitors will interact with it.

1. Shared Hosting:

If you're living in a building with few apartments, there was only one shared kitchen between all of you to use, Yes, this is exactly like shared hosting.

Shared hosting is a web server where you and others share its resources for an example you share the Ram, processor, etc. with a good hosting company, & a light-weight website, you don't need more than a shared server for your website if you're a startup or a small company that doesn't expect more than 20 - 30 thousand visits per month.

Shared hosting for your website costs in UK varies from £2.5 to £20 per month, paid annually, depending on the number of websites you wish to host on the same account.

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2. VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the middle ground between living in a building with a shared kitchen and owning your own house. while you share some resources but the share is divided on way less number of people, but there is one about VPS that makes it very hard for non-tech users, that you will need to manage it yourself, only a few web hosting companies do offer a managed VPS hosting like InMotionHosting and SiteGround

VPS hosting is better for high traffic, large content websites that need a lot more resources than shared hosting offers.

The price range for VPS hosting starts from £30 - £150 per month.

3. Dedicated Hosting:

The last type of hosting is Dedicated Hosting, which is the same like owning your own house, no resource sharing, no risks from other hosted websites on the same server, but it needs a very experienced server administrator to manage it.

Dedicated hosting is best for huge traffic, membership-driven, online payment e-commerce websites that have hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly.

the prices for Dedicated hosting ranges from £150 to £600 per month.

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3. Website Design & Development:

Website Costs in UK Web Design

Now we come to the fun part, the actual creation of an awesome website design that takes your clients' breath away, but as website hosting divided into different types, also websites are divided into different types. and each type is depending on the content you serve to your visitors.

You will find a huge difference in prices between hiring a freelance web designer and choosing a website design company, not just in prices, but also its communication, timeline, project process and many more, you can read more about this in this article.

But for now, let's move to the different types of websites and their costs.

1. Static:

Static websites are the basic version of websites that doesn't need a database or any web development process, in other words if your business is based on a number of products that you don't need to regularly change the images, description, add more products, or post regular news or articles about your company or products, then Static website is the best solution for you.

As it is not connected to a database and there is hardly any programming in the back-end, you will need to hire someone to make any changes you need on text or images in the future, depending on the services you received, some freelancers like myself offer a web maintenance service that gives you the ability to request changes on your website as well as many other services for a small monthly fee.

The designing of a 100% bespoke website costs in UK between £400 and £4,000 as a one time fee depending on the complexity of your website design, the number of pages, and many other factors that the developer or company asks you during the project briefing.

Check out my price plans for designing a static website

2. Dynamic:

Dynamic websites are mostly described as websites with back-end content management system that connects with a database that stores all the website's content, in simple terms, it is website with an admin area that allows the website owner to change the content of the website any time without having to hire a freelancer to do it for him.

There are a few reputable Content Management Systems (CMS) out there, but the most reputable and reliable one will be WordPress, not just because of the amazing features and flexibility of WordPress, but also because it is FREE! Yes, Completely free and open-source with a room for expansion and modification that allows developers like me to extend the functionality of a website to achieve anything.

Did you know that WordPress websites are 59% of all websites on the internet? Get Yours Now

A 100% unique dynamic website costs in UK ranges from £2,000 to £15,000 depending on the features that you want to be included in your website.

3. E-commerce:

Do you sell a product or a service? how about taking your business to the next level and start selling online? Yes, this is exactly what E-commerce websites are for.

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce websites are online shopping websites where you can have all your products presented on your website, and people can go to your website, buy the product, enter their shipping info and pay you online using their Credit Cards or PayPal accounts.

There is no limit on what you can sell online, as long as it not illegal in your country, but it opens the door for your business to serve a bigger market, depending on the product you sell, you can start selling internationally instead of locally.

Restaurants, Shops, Manufacturers, and many other business types are now moving into online shopping instead of the normal selling channels because of ease of reach and use, a woman in her house or in her car coming back from work and need a bit to eat can just go online, order food and have it delivered by the time she reaches her house.

The development of an E-Commerce website costs in UK varies from £4,000 to £20,000 for a fully functional tested E-Commerce website depending on if you'll be using a CMS or will it be custom-built.

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